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Divorced? Try Writing a Book! Suddenly Single Author Shares Her Story review

  • Buy this book! You will love it and pass it on to YOUR sista friends.
  • Wonderful characters with realistic issues. Issues of commitment, integrity, forgiveness and unconditional love. A sound track that made me remember why SUMMER is my favorite season of all!
  • Every “girl” resounded with me at some point in my life. I could understand the why’s and why NOTS!
  • So, if you love a good book with a great message-this is the book for you.

Red Eye Review

“Single Girl Summer…is a breezy, enjoyable romp that will make you long for hot days and balmy nights in the Chi. Burrell’s storytelling draws you in but doesn’t overpower, and the banter between the women is easy and appealing.”

N’DIGO Online – Sizzling Girl Talk Summer Reads!

  • Forget the chic flicks and spend your weekend afternoons loungin’ with the girlies over sangrias, good eats, and loads of girl talk after reading these suggested summer selections!
  • Summertime Chi is already heating up with eventful socials, nights out in the city, art loungin’ and great music events featuring socialites and countless movers and shakers … leaving summer evenings fighting for more of your attention and attendance!
  • June 21st marked the summer solstice and Chicago author Deanna Kimberly Burrell started the season just right at the West Loop’s Red Canary with 200 friends, family, and fans for the Single Girl Summer book signing event.

Interview with Chicago Defender

  • Every woman has her season and every season comes with a few showers. With the release of her new book, Single Girl Summer, Burrell hopes to equip women with a little bit of sunshine to better handle those rainy days.
  • Three women from all walks of life find time to find themselves during vulnerable moments throughout each of their lives. They rebuild themselves by healing together. Each character possesses her own plight that doesn’t offset any other character, but compliments it. “I wanted to write a book about relationships and breakups about women in general,” she told the Defender.

Jet Select Editors’ Pick

  • Button Jackson’s pledge to ward off intimate relationships is thwarted when her favorite boy toy dares her to make female friends. When the antisocial sommelier befriends recently divorced Meghan Cherry, and Dawn Martin, a top-gun attorney who’s single and haplessly searching, the ladies’ views on love, marriage and sisterhood catapult from awkward to awesome.