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Single Girl Summer is the story of Button Jackson, Meghan Cherry-Henderson, and Dawn Martin navigating the ups and downs of life. The novel offers balanced perspectives into how real friendships, romances, and families work. Sometimes they unravel; sometimes they thrive; sometimes they unravel in order to thrive. The only constant in life is change. Available in paperback and ebook.

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  • CHRIST UNIVERSAL TEMPLE BOOKSTORE. 11901 S. Ashland Ave in Chicago (60643). Hours: Mon-Wed 9a-6:30p. Thur 9a-5p. Friday Closed. Sat 9a-3p. Sun before service 9a-10:25a and after service 12n-12:45. Phone: (773) 568-1666
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Single Girl Summer is distributed by Ingram, Baker & Taylor. You can order this popular novel into your bookstore today. Retailers that carry Single Girl Summer are proudly promoted on this page and on SGS’s social networking.

Back Cover Description:

Relationships aren’t complicated… People are! Button Jackson knows two things for sure: all men cheat and all women are rivals. So it’s no surprise that the impeccably dressed restaurateur hasn’t had a serious boyfriend, close girlfriend, or any connection of substance in years.Meghan Cherry has the opposite problem. Reeling from a painful divorce, the techie with a desire to unleash her artistic side, can’t figure out why her relationships end with nothing when she gives so much.

Attorney, Dawn Martin, is stuck somewhere in the middle. Waiting in purgatory for a marriage proposal that just won’t come has molded her into a woman she swore she’d never be.

Against the backdrop of hot days and cool nights in Chicago and armed with red cups of Single Girl Sangria, Button, Meghan, and Dawn share stories, perspectives, and advice on everything from open relationships to open-toe shoes. They come together by chance, grow together as friends, and ultimately discover that for every girl, there’s a season.

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“All Booked Up” book club highly recommends Single Girl Summer