Love Poetry

Love Poetry: One Day At A Time

Instead of writing a blog, Single Girl Summer decided to share her thoughts on love and relationships in a poem…Enjoy.


The funny thing about time and space,
is that though they can be measured in hours and inches;
those units cease to be helpful
when applied to the length and depth of feelings.

The funny thing about the length and depth of feelings,
is that though we yearn to define them with time and space;
their indefinable essence is the catalyst that ignites a romance,
transforming uncertain strangers into familiar lovers overnight.

The questions abound:
How do you know if it’s too much?
How do you know if it’s too soon?
How do you quantify a love equation?

Cupid doesn’t consult a calculator or a ruler.
He just points, shoots, and hopes the spark ignites.
If you’re blessed with Cupid’s magic tough,
bask in its warmth, savor its intoxication, pray for longevity.

Looking towards tomorrow with worry is futile.
Miring the magic with worry is a waste.
Live and love in the moment.
With no regard to measurement, love abounds one day at a time.