Are you a Button, Meghan, or a Dawn?


  • Star sign: Taurus
  • Likes: Vogue, Anand, Veuve, Rich men, smart men, powerful men
  • Dislikes: White Zinfandel, bad knock-offs, monogamy, Cheap men, short men, clingy men
  • Favorite quote: “Love and Commitment make men lose interest so I’m never giving either.” Button Jackson
  • Song that captures my essence: “Miss Independent” Ne-Yo

Button Jackson seems to have it all: she’s attractive, owns a successful business, and has men at her beck and call. Yet her inability to trust has cost her one of life’s greatest joys: meaningful relationships. While she’s the epitome of Ms. Independence, underneath lurks a fragility that she must confront if she wants to move forward in life and not live her mother’s legacy.


  • Star sign: Aquarius
  • Likes: White Zinfandel, cooking with love, Feng Shui, finding a good deal, art museums
  • Dislikes: Dieting, gambling, lying
  • Favorite quote: “Life’s tragedies are art’s inspiration.” Meghan Cherry
  • Song that captures my essence: “Strength Courage & Wisdom” India Arie

Meghan Cherry-Henderson is trying to pick up the pieces of her life, after her recent divorce from a man who was more committed to his gambling addiction than his marriage. Encouraged by her loving and supportive parents, she embraces her creativity, takes chances, and even surprises herself as she begins a new chapter in her life.


  • Star sign: Libra
  • Likes: Power suits, Google calendar, organizing my closet, winning, princess cut diamonds, five-year plans, TEQUILA!
  • Dislikes: Heights, advice from my sisters, the phrase “piss or get off the pot”
  • Favorite quote:  “Everything is negotiable. Some people just don’t realize it.” Dawn Martin
  • Song that captures my essence:  “Single Ladies – Put a Ring On It” Beyonce

Dawn Martin is a planner, believes everything is negotiable, and is always in control. Suddenly she finds herself in uncharted territory as this uber-successful attorney realizes the man she loves is not going to follow her plan and turns out to be not quite the Prince Charming she created in her mind. With the help of her new girlfriends, Dawn learns to let go in order to move ahead.


Henry James is confident, insightful, patient, and refuses to be stereotyped. He knows that in order for a woman to fully reciprocate love, she must first learn to let go of the handcuffs to her past. He appreciates the value of meaningful relationships and is willing to patiently wait for the woman he loves, up to a point.


The City of Chicago transforms when the mercury hits above 70 degrees. Chicagoans willingly endure long, harsh winters for the promise of Spring and the magic of Summer. Viewing the Chicago skyline while cruising on a sunset boat ride on Lake Michigan is an unforgettable experience. Jazz fest in Grant Park…Visiting the Bean in Millenium Park… Jammin at the Shedd Aquarium…The Chosen Few Picnic – all quintessential Chicago experiences that help Button, Meghan and Dawn embrace their Single Girl Summer!


Pronounced aa-nund, this swank yet homey restaurant owned by fashionista Button Jackson is where the girls come together to celebrate the high points of life. It’s also a safe environment where they’re comfortable enough to let down their guards and discuss the issues of their lives.