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Time Remaining for Single Girl Summer 2015

SGS Events

Single Girl Summer is more than just a book. It’s an idea that all people, men and women alike, should live to the fullest. Join the SGS Movement and share it with all your friends. So you’re asking, How do I join? Here are some fun ways to stay connected to SGS.

Recommend Single Girl Summer for your next book club selection

Click here to download book club questions.

Serve fun drinks like Sangria (Single Girl Summer sangria recipe included in the book), Champagne, or Wine. Cocktail suggestions include Meghan’s Cherry Bomb, Dawn’s Tequila Sunrise, Button’s Jack and Coke.

For food serve tapas (small bites) or your favorite summer dishes like hummas & pita, spinach dip & Hawaiian bread, sliders, veggie tray, fruit tray, meatballs, crab cakes, bruchetta, cheese & crackers, chicken skewers, chicken wings, shrimp cocktail.

Host a Single Girl Summer Party

Single Girl Summer is perfect for your next book club meeting, bachelorette party, bridal show, and/or girl’s night out. Plan a fun theme for your party like the Red Cup Adventures, For every girl there’s a season, or the Last Single Girl Summer.

Sponsor a Single Girl Summer Event

Single Girl Summer is a brand, a lifestyle, a novel, and a movement. Headquartered in Chicago, the SGS team uses innovative marketing
and brand ambassadors to target discerning supporters, tastemakers,
and consumers. The SGS team is currently building synergy with brands
and companies who want to tap into the power of the novel, website,
events, and social media. Product placement opportunities are available
to have your brand seamlessly integrated into the fabric of SGS. Contact us at to find out more about website advertising and event sponsorships.



3 Responses to SGS Events

  • Blessings,

    Sister, I think your book added years to my life. I LOVED it!!! Thanks for donating the autographed copy to Cafe Yeye’s “Well-Read” initiative. Your book touched so many hot spots in my life, I know it was divinely ordered. I could not put the book down from the 1st to the last page. You do Chicago, women, men, people, communication PROUD. This is a must read for all, because, “for everyone, there is a season”.

    Yeye Lynvonne -WCSU’s Cafe Yeye: Where Monday is the New Friday

  • Katherine says:

    The presentation on Saturday is at noon, or ongoing all afternoon?

    • Deanna Kimberly Burrell says:

      It’s noon to 7pm. Author Signing & Seminar Schedule:
      1pm-4pm author signings with Tracy Brown, Naleighna Kai seminar 2:30-3pm, J. Anthony Graves, Pamay Bassey, Tony Lindsay
      4pm-7pm author signings with Tionna Smalls, Deanna Burrell seminar 4:15-4:45, Earl Sewell, Shelia Peele Miller, Sierra Kay
      I’m presenting the Art of Flirting at 415pm. Hope to see you there.

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Breath is to Life as Sundress is to Summer. — Deanna Burrell

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